Value is so fickle.

6:00 – Up. Sit. Breakfast.

Haru leaves.

I shave, shower, dress, do some bits and go out, firstly to Southwark tube, from there to Bond Street, from there to Primark, Marks and Spencer and Argos in that order. Back in the flat at 11:30.

Giraffe photoshopping.

I go and get lunch just after 14:00.

At 15:30 I get a lift with the television and some other things to the dump. They have a whole shed full of televisions and monitors, which no one really wants any more. Televisions have gone from very valuable to completely worthless in a couple of years. I almost feel sorry for them. Value is so fickle.

There’s a chap whose job it seems to be to field dumpers like myself and make sure the right bits go to the right places. I’d thought this was because they were removing bits of value themselves, but just realised that it’s to streamline recycling. So that’s OK.

Back in the flat: sorting and packing.

Haru gets home. I continue packing.

Dinner. Delicious okonomiyaki by H, with cold Belgian beer. A very good combination.

More packing. Amazingly it gets done.

Clearing up loose ends. I wonder if I’m leaving fewer of them these days or I’m just more complacent. I’m sure it’s a lot better. Nights before courses used to be insane, and with any luck I might even get to sleep tonight.

Monthly toast.

A day without trousers.

Up around 10:00 – no supermarket this week.

Many croissants as bought for a song last night. If I get noodles on a Saturday night I might have another look (although I think you need to be there at exactly the right time, which is too late for dinner).

Down to Photoshopping, hoping to get it done. I don’t manage it, really. Bah.

That’s the whole day then. A day without trousers. I realise you didn’t need to know that, but you do. Trousers neither improve nor degrade my Photoshop performance, though. I tie helps, but I didn’t wear a tie either.

In the evening I make a list of things to pack and things to do tomorrow. It’s quite long list.

Also we watch yesterday’s Doctor Who with the commentary, which is by the Daleks. They seem to be very jolly IRL.

Also a bit of website work.

I think he thinks that no one can see him.

Up at 9:40 and go and have breakfast at Perdoni’s. After that, I wander to the RFH, where I fail to contact the home computers (largely because I didn’t prepare for it at all), and then home to install Hamachi on everything, and Airfoil on the Mini (so that it can send to my Desktop mac, so that i don’t have to run iTunes on it, which tends to distract the computer from Photoshopping).

After Haru comes home and we’ve had a cup of tea, we wander up to the gardens of Lambeth Palace for a local church’s fete. There’s a jazz band and stalls, and we get to wander around the gardens, of course. I buy a copy of Tove Jansson’s wonderful The Summer Book (I already have an old Penguin copy somewhere, but I can always give it to someone who doesn’t already have it. Or maybe I’ll keep it. Anyway, it’s a beautiful book) for too little money. Haru buys a copy of The Motorcycle Diaries for more money.

We also get a jar of London honey and a jar of honey quince marmalade (the quinces coming from this garden), and look round the herb garden. A boy is surreptitiously, but not terribly secretly, denuding the raspberry bushes. I think he thinks that no one can see him.

Back at the flat. I carry on doing what I was doing before.

Doctor Who is explosive. Dave Ross, creator of the Daleks, in full effect. An astonishingly dangly cliff-hanger. And I’ll not be able to see next week’s episode for over three weeks.

Eventually (and a bit late) I get something from the noodle shop, also beer and croissants for tomorrow (which they were selling off for 10p a bag, as they need to be got-rid-of. I didn’t realise this, though, and had to have it explained to me. Still, cheap croissants).

Watch an old Arena about Kenneth Anger, some old Gilliam animations and a bit of Jon Pertwee-era Doctor Who.

Not overslept too much

6-something -up. Not overslept too much.

Breakfast, and H => work.



After lunch get to speak to the art director in question.

Then go out for a walk.

I’d originally intended to catch a bus, but it turned out my Oyster card has run out of funds, so I decided to walk in the direction of Marble Arch, topping up the Oyster Card and getting a bus when I could. In the end I walk all the way to Marble Arch, go to Marks and Spencer’s to get clothing for next week and walk home again.

Get home, buy chips which we eat with yesterday’s leftovers.

More blank evening than I’d like.

Because there aren’t yet enough holes, obviously.

We oversleep and get up late. I have a headache. Then have to rush. Bah. After haru goes to work, I lie down, then spend a long time directing a hot shower at the back of my neck.

More giraffing as outside they dig more holes. Because there aren’t yet enough holes, obviously. There’s a vaguely pleasureable frisson looking down into one of the holes, possible a couple of centuries.

Anyway when Haru’s got home I make some dinner, and after dinner don’t quite get back to work, instead watching a documentary about Joe Meek, a Marty Feldman compilation and an episode of The Complete and Utter History of Britain.

Anyway, the photoshoppery continues.

6:00 – Up, sit, breakfast, H =>

I find myself going for a run. I’m actually quite surprised by this, as I found it difficult to get to sleep last night.

After showering and dressing, I get down to the photoshopping and calling in to the publisher. Also, I get back to someone who emailed me a week ago about a font. That was when I was prone, though, so it’s taken me a while (and a prompt from her on my answerphone) to get back to her. Nice conversation though. Perhaps more of a contact than work, but that’s good too.

Anyway, the photoshoppery continues.

Haru gets home, I do some more. Lovely salad for dinner, and chocolate covered puffed wheat from Muji, via Haru’s mum.

Don’t do anything in the evening, even though I’d intended to. Mm.

Not filling the holes in, though.

6:00 – Up. Sit, breakfast. H to work. I go for a run – clawing back something or other. The sun’s shining, and it’s very nice, though about to cloud over for the day.

When I get back the workmen have just about put the fences around their holes (which either wind or exuberant revellers knocked over at the weekend) and are about to do something. Not filling the holes in, though.

The day is spent Photoshopping. I’m now behind on this job, which is annoying.

At lunchtime I watch the spoilery trailer for next week’s Doctor Who and a Peter Ackroyd doc about London.

More Photoshopping.

At 6:00 off to the movements class. The last for me this term, though there wil be three more. I’ll be in Sant Cugat, though.

Class completes at 21:45, and I get back to the flat at 22:30. Lovely salad and rice balls waiting for me.

and go off to dig more holes

Up at 9:15, breakfast and then to the supermarket with Pa.

At some point I’ll need to get the old CRTs to the dump (or storage – I feel a bit loathe to dispose of the Lacie monitor, as it works perfectly well, and is terrific. Just a bit large). Whether I’ll be able to get them anywhere with the giant hole in the road in front of the building, I don’t know.

Holes everywhere at the moment. They dig holes, then put barriers round them and go off to dig more holes.

I try to get down to work, but only succeed in doing some bits in Logic. A version of Unison lurches into focus, while the recording of My Bumper Book of Lies seems to be slipping out of reach. It would be really nice to complete and upload these, but…

I also find an article on making a step-time sequencer in the Logic Environment.


After lunch I finally get some work done. Why is this being done so slowly? It’s the kind of thing that requires a lot of work. Unlike colouring in, where I can start at one corner and move diagonally (or start at the back and move forwards), I need to think about where things come from and how they go together. I think I’m a bit late on this now.

In the late evening we stroll up to the river and through the on the South Bank. There seems to be an infestation of lively trumpeters at the moment. After some prevarication we have a drink and walk home. I get chinese food.

After chinese food we watch TV, culminating in the middle bit of Underworld. We’ve seen the end several times. Perhaps one day we’ll see the beginning. Perhaps if one watches it in order it will make more sense. Perhaps not.

not a bad thing per se

As yesterday, with less lying down and more procrastinating with Logic.

In the evening have sausage and chips (they’ve given up kebabs until the winter, as it makes the shop too hot. Can’t say I blame them), and watch Daywatch. It’s sort of like all the most insane adverts you can think of cranked up to eleven and run back to back, but that’s not a bad thing per se.

I discover that if I put some numbers into the DNS section of my preferences it speeds up web browsing precipitously. Which is good.

I’l be working over the weekend, though. Which is less good.

“may cause drowsiness”

Interesting dreams. I should have written them down.

Although I get up with H and see her off, after she’s left I decide to just lie down for five minutes and am there several hours later, my body refusing to get up until the doorbell rings. I hide behind the main front door (as I’ve not got any trousers on) and collect the parcel from the postwoman. A farcical sequence of events thankfully fails to play itself out.

I split the day between work, eating far too much cereal and lying on the floor.

I don’t know whether it’s a cold or something, the antihistamine that I took to stave off hayfever (though if it is the warning “may cause drowsiness” really doesn’t cover it) or something else.

Call Sara to wish her a happy birthday.

After a light dinner (delicious and by H), I do a bit more work and eventually fall to noodling in Logic, which I think is the thing I’d most rather do. Of all.