I’m careful to stand at the back

Up at 6:00, then sit, breakfast, wave adios to Haru, run around the block, stretch, shave, shower and complete (almost) colouring in the Fairies. Also listen to the very entertaining Dr Who podcast.

Today is my first direct experience this year of a hot day. And not long to go before the longest day.

Get in to Walker at just after 11:00. Finishing off some Maisy bits.

Lie down for a long time at lunchtime.

More Maisying.

Then off to the Movements in the heat. The tube journey is horrific. In sensible countries the underground is air-conditioned, but it appears that here we are in denial of the existence of hot weather. Which is a pity, considering global trends.

Sort of a demonstration class, though I notice this less than I have before, largely because I’m careful to stand at the back.

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