post-headache euphoria

Friday the 13th.

Not as much happening today – how can even less have happened? Mm.

Instead of running today, I lie down for a long time as I’ve woken up with one of those headache that creeps up the back of my head from my neck, plunging in to my top jaw on the left-hand side.

Still, after pointing a hot shower at it for a while it goes away and leaves me with post-headache euphoria.

My contact in the world of fairies gets back to me to amend some colours, as my choices were a trifle inapt.

Denise comes round and we discuss various things, especially her website. We also do lunch downstairs, which is pleasant, though we come up a couple of quid short. Um.

After she leaves I play with Logic, finally coming up with a long ambient piece that might come in useful.

Haru gets home, and I continue playing.

I go and get takeaway food from the fish and chip shop. While I’m waiting a couple come in. He buys a can of coke, she has a bottle of beer. They sit at the back of the shop and drink them. I suspect that the only reason they’re not thrown out is that the argument would have taken longer than they lingered anyway.

Get home, watch Alexei Sayle on Liverpool and QI.

Final tweak to the ambient piece. Maybe I’ll upload it.