“may cause drowsiness”

Interesting dreams. I should have written them down.

Although I get up with H and see her off, after she’s left I decide to just lie down for five minutes and am there several hours later, my body refusing to get up until the doorbell rings. I hide behind the main front door (as I’ve not got any trousers on) and collect the parcel from the postwoman. A farcical sequence of events thankfully fails to play itself out.

I split the day between work, eating far too much cereal and lying on the floor.

I don’t know whether it’s a cold or something, the antihistamine that I took to stave off hayfever (though if it is the warning “may cause drowsiness” really doesn’t cover it) or something else.

Call Sara to wish her a happy birthday.

After a light dinner (delicious and by H), I do a bit more work and eventually fall to noodling in Logic, which I think is the thing I’d most rather do. Of all.