and go off to dig more holes

Up at 9:15, breakfast and then to the supermarket with Pa.

At some point I’ll need to get the old CRTs to the dump (or storage – I feel a bit loathe to dispose of the Lacie monitor, as it works perfectly well, and is terrific. Just a bit large). Whether I’ll be able to get them anywhere with the giant hole in the road in front of the building, I don’t know.

Holes everywhere at the moment. They dig holes, then put barriers round them and go off to dig more holes.

I try to get down to work, but only succeed in doing some bits in Logic. A version of Unison lurches into focus, while the recording of My Bumper Book of Lies seems to be slipping out of reach. It would be really nice to complete and upload these, but…

I also find an article on making a step-time sequencer in the Logic Environment.


After lunch I finally get some work done. Why is this being done so slowly? It’s the kind of thing that requires a lot of work. Unlike colouring in, where I can start at one corner and move diagonally (or start at the back and move forwards), I need to think about where things come from and how they go together. I think I’m a bit late on this now.

In the late evening we stroll up to the river and through the on the South Bank. There seems to be an infestation of lively trumpeters at the moment. After some prevarication we have a drink and walk home. I get chinese food.

After chinese food we watch TV, culminating in the middle bit of Underworld. We’ve seen the end several times. Perhaps one day we’ll see the beginning. Perhaps if one watches it in order it will make more sense. Perhaps not.