Not filling the holes in, though.

6:00 – Up. Sit, breakfast. H to work. I go for a run – clawing back something or other. The sun’s shining, and it’s very nice, though about to cloud over for the day.

When I get back the workmen have just about put the fences around their holes (which either wind or exuberant revellers knocked over at the weekend) and are about to do something. Not filling the holes in, though.

The day is spent Photoshopping. I’m now behind on this job, which is annoying.

At lunchtime I watch the spoilery trailer for next week’s Doctor Who and a Peter Ackroyd doc about London.

More Photoshopping.

At 6:00 off to the movements class. The last for me this term, though there wil be three more. I’ll be in Sant Cugat, though.

Class completes at 21:45, and I get back to the flat at 22:30. Lovely salad and rice balls waiting for me.