Anyway, the photoshoppery continues.

6:00 – Up, sit, breakfast, H =>

I find myself going for a run. I’m actually quite surprised by this, as I found it difficult to get to sleep last night.

After showering and dressing, I get down to the photoshopping and calling in to the publisher. Also, I get back to someone who emailed me a week ago about a font. That was when I was prone, though, so it’s taken me a while (and a prompt from her on my answerphone) to get back to her. Nice conversation though. Perhaps more of a contact than work, but that’s good too.

Anyway, the photoshoppery continues.

Haru gets home, I do some more. Lovely salad for dinner, and chocolate covered puffed wheat from Muji, via Haru’s mum.

Don’t do anything in the evening, even though I’d intended to. Mm.