I think he thinks that no one can see him.

Up at 9:40 and go and have breakfast at Perdoni’s. After that, I wander to the RFH, where I fail to contact the home computers (largely because I didn’t prepare for it at all), and then home to install Hamachi on everything, and Airfoil on the Mini (so that it can send to my Desktop mac, so that i don’t have to run iTunes on it, which tends to distract the computer from Photoshopping).

After Haru comes home and we’ve had a cup of tea, we wander up to the gardens of Lambeth Palace for a local church’s fete. There’s a jazz band and stalls, and we get to wander around the gardens, of course. I buy a copy of Tove Jansson’s wonderful The Summer Book (I already have an old Penguin copy somewhere, but I can always give it to someone who doesn’t already have it. Or maybe I’ll keep it. Anyway, it’s a beautiful book) for too little money. Haru buys a copy of The Motorcycle Diaries for more money.

We also get a jar of London honey and a jar of honey quince marmalade (the quinces coming from this garden), and look round the herb garden. A boy is surreptitiously, but not terribly secretly, denuding the raspberry bushes. I think he thinks that no one can see him.

Back at the flat. I carry on doing what I was doing before.

Doctor Who is explosive. Dave Ross, creator of the Daleks, in full effect. An astonishingly dangly cliff-hanger. And I’ll not be able to see next week’s episode for over three weeks.

Eventually (and a bit late) I get something from the noodle shop, also beer and croissants for tomorrow (which they were selling off for 10p a bag, as they need to be got-rid-of. I didn’t realise this, though, and had to have it explained to me. Still, cheap croissants).

Watch an old Arena about Kenneth Anger, some old Gilliam animations and a bit of Jon Pertwee-era Doctor Who.