A day without trousers.

Up around 10:00 – no supermarket this week.

Many croissants as bought for a song last night. If I get noodles on a Saturday night I might have another look (although I think you need to be there at exactly the right time, which is too late for dinner).

Down to Photoshopping, hoping to get it done. I don’t manage it, really. Bah.

That’s the whole day then. A day without trousers. I realise you didn’t need to know that, but you do. Trousers neither improve nor degrade my Photoshop performance, though. I tie helps, but I didn’t wear a tie either.

In the evening I make a list of things to pack and things to do tomorrow. It’s quite long list.

Also we watch yesterday’s Doctor Who with the commentary, which is by the Daleks. They seem to be very jolly IRL.

Also a bit of website work.