Value is so fickle.

6:00 – Up. Sit. Breakfast.

Haru leaves.

I shave, shower, dress, do some bits and go out, firstly to Southwark tube, from there to Bond Street, from there to Primark, Marks and Spencer and Argos in that order. Back in the flat at 11:30.

Giraffe photoshopping.

I go and get lunch just after 14:00.

At 15:30 I get a lift with the television and some other things to the dump. They have a whole shed full of televisions and monitors, which no one really wants any more. Televisions have gone from very valuable to completely worthless in a couple of years. I almost feel sorry for them. Value is so fickle.

There’s a chap whose job it seems to be to field dumpers like myself and make sure the right bits go to the right places. I’d thought this was because they were removing bits of value themselves, but just realised that it’s to streamline recycling. So that’s OK.

Back in the flat: sorting and packing.

Haru gets home. I continue packing.

Dinner. Delicious okonomiyaki by H, with cold Belgian beer. A very good combination.

More packing. Amazingly it gets done.

Clearing up loose ends. I wonder if I’m leaving fewer of them these days or I’m just more complacent. I’m sure it’s a lot better. Nights before courses used to be insane, and with any luck I might even get to sleep tonight.

Monthly toast.