But up, darn it.

Up at… ahem, 6:40. But up, darn it. Breakfast. Haru goes to work. I prepare myself and go to Walker.

There is great Maisying. Then lunch, then more Maisying.

Actually I’m not feeling 100%. People occasionally ask me how I am, and I reply “well, I’m here”. Assume the virtue, yes, but if I’m actually down with the lurgy, it seems a bit strange not to acknowledge it.

I chicken out and come home just before 17:00, when some kind of partying is about to begin. I’m on the verge of gibbering, perhaps abusively, so. Best tactic.

Home. Some kind of stuff. Haru comes home. Get halloumi and pesto from the corner shop and we have Italo-Hellenic dinner. Somehow I spend the evening with Logic, tweaking tracks. Pure is almost fully-tweaked: it just needs a vocal now. Ditto My Bumper Book of Lies.

Send Tove Jansson books to people, because it’s essentially a good idea to do so.

Let’s see how I am tomorrow.

I just realised we missed the toast tonight. Huh.

were it not for the lurgi

Haru gets up at 6:30-ish. I wake up every hour or so after that, finally getting up at 11:30, having some breakfast, going back to sleep and getting up at 16:00.

Still ill, then.

I get some food from the takeaway place next to the corner shop (better off with fruit, I imagine, but didn’t have any).

Then lie down again.

H gets home at 18:00 and I’m still lying down.

We have ramen again (which is good).

I manage to do something with some urgent work I should have done yesterday, were it not for the lurgi.

I do some JGB.

I’ll try to get back to sleep now.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be better.

walking around at dawn in my pyjamas

I don’t really get to sleep – I develop a bad cold before going to bed – my synapses are stuffed and I can’t get to sleep for the pain and the inability to breathe. So I get up. I try inhaling Olbas Oil. At about 5:00 I go out and get some Lemsip from the corner shop. I should do that more, walking around at dawn in my pyjamas.

At 6:30, H gets up. We have breakfast. I intend to hold out until she leaves for work, but actually crash out before.

I wake up intermittently during the day – I call Walker to explain my non-appearance, get a call from Hachette, have some lunch – but mostly spend the day crashed out.

Haru gets back at 18:30. She makes Udon, which she prescribes for colds. Very good, too.

I crash out again.

I assume I’m going to be better in the next couple of days. Ten years ago, this sort of thing would have left me comatose for a week, but I think I’m a bit stronger now. I think.

I’ll try to get to sleep. I’ve programmed my iPod with entertaining stuff in case.

(just sneezed mightily – is the pattern going to continue?)

they probably involve tiaras

6:04 – Up, sit, breakfast, Haru out the door, I stretch and shower and dress.

I go to the Apple Store for another failed attempt at buying an iPhone. The phones are there all right, but my address (the one I’ve lived in for nearly twenty years) doesn’t appear on another database, so I go home empty-handed. I’m beginning to feel a bit stupid. They get one more chance, and probably not soon.

Home. Bit of Giraffe. Off to Waterloo, train to Salisbury, arriving with a couple of hours to spare, so I go for a walk. I’m wearing a dark suit and black shirt with tie (blue). There probably are less appropriate clothing choices, but they probably involve tiaras.

I don’t have enough money on me to get into Salisbury Cathedral. I can’t afford to go in to a church.

I can get money and buy a sandwich and coffee, which is a fairly expensive proposition itself, and look at brochures from mobile phone shops, to see what the iPhone’s competition is.

In the area I’m interested in (data), the competition is non-existent.

Up to the station; Alex arrives with a number of boxes. Then he drives me to Waitrose in search of brown tape. They have it, but it’s very expensive, but at the next aisle along, there are luggage trolleys, so I get one of those instead. Which we wouldn’t have found if we hadn’t been looking for brown tape. Huh.

Back to the station, load up the trolley with boxes, chat for a bit, then I go off to catch my train.

Back to London, then trundle home.

Soon after, Haru arrives back.

More JGBing.

I’ll tackle the boxes another night.

instead of becoming cooler, it becomes hotter

Up at 10:00 with a sore throat.

Croissants for breakfast.


JGB stuff and finishing off bits of work.

Suddenly it starts to rain heavily. though thankfully not in our bedroom. Unaccountably, however, instead of becoming cooler, it becomes hotter.

I go and get Feta cheese from the corner shop.

We watch Top Gear and Zoolander, a monumentally stupid film. That’s not intended as a criticism.

quite a cheery place today

Up at around 10:00 and out to breakfast. Some minor confusion involving mushrooms. Then to Lower Marsh (Wall Planner at Rymans and various CDs at Grame, which is quite a cheery place today), then home for me and H walks out further.

I go out again and get some CDRs and a CD storage case, and get back just before H, who is bearing eclairs from Maison Bertaux.


For dinner I get noodles, as well as getting beer from Tesco. Also, as it’s the time when they’re selling off the croissants, I get a bunch of those too.

Top Gear with dinner then Cab Night on BBC 4 – Arena and The Knowledge.

counts as a success

Usual morning preparation.

Today I go to Walker to do Maisying, which is fairly successful (I hardly fall asleep). The art director next to whom I’m sitting is humming something under her breath. I run it forwards and find it to be part of the bridge of an Abba song, so I conclude (correctly) that she’s just been to see Mamma Mia!

Lunch is lasagne, which is a plus. And the weather is muggy, so not really falling asleep in these conditions counts as a success.

Back at home, after some debate, we have chips.

After chips I turn another old loop into a song. This one appears to be about a torturer. Strange – after a while lyrics seem to come out as they want to rather than how I want them to.

unplanned unconsciousness

Get up sometime after 6:00. Still tired.

Breakfast, H leaves. I dither and finally get back to Giraffing. The day also contains font-work. And me being tired and having to lie down.

I have to go in to Walker tomorrow, which I hope doesn’t include unplanned unconsciousness, which would be very embarrassing.

In the evening – after excellent salt-pork ramen by H – I go down to the E&C Tesco for supplies. On the way there, pass what seems to be a first-generation punk. I do a lot of narrowly missing people. Or them narrowly missing me. The woman in front of me conducts the whole transaction while carrying on a conversation on her mobile, which makes her very slow. Also she completely ignores the cashier, apart from paying her. Remarkable.

Back at the flat: tea, peanuts, CD management.

So morning wasted, then.

Up, breakfast and H departs as usual.

After a shower and a call to T-Mobile for a PAC, I set off for the Apple Store to try to acquire and iPhone.

There’s a modest queue around the stairs, which I join. Occasionally people in t-shirts come round to check we have the proper documentation. Apparantly there was a lot of not having the proper documentation, and thus great sadness and no iPhone. I have a phone bill, a bank statement, a credit card, a debit card and my passport.

After a while queuing downstairs we are allowed upstairs to queue some more, edging along one seat at a time.

It takes me two hours to get to the front of the queue, during which I’m involved in a short bonding session over PAC codes (which allow numbers to be transferred from one network to another) – the woman behind me is denied her code by Vodaphone, who say it’s standard practise to make someone wait for 48 hours. I say I got mine in ten minutes. The person who she’s talking to at Vodaphone insists on talking to me. I think I get into an argument of some description, it’s difficult to tell. The man in front, however, calls T-Mobile back and gets his read to him over the phone, so he’s a moderately happier man. Also, the tariff will be cheaper for him, which I find quite incredible.

Anyway, like I say, two hours queuing, and when I get there, after some poking around on the computer, it turns out that as the Post Office don’t have my address in their database, they won’t sell me a phone. So morning wasted, then.

I ask the guy who serves me how much longer this madness will continue. “It can’t last much longer,” he says. “It’s been … how long? nearly two weeks. It can’t last much longer”. There’s a note of desperation in his voice.

Go home and hassle the Post Office, to no immediate effect.



Haru comes home.

More Giraffing, then playing with Logic.

Then bed.

My timetable is warped already

Get up around 6:30. Still tired out.

Breakfast and H leaves.

I wait for a package which eventually arrives at 12:30, which means I’m already a day behind. Not a problem as such – I did some ironing and some other bits and pieces. My timetable is warped already, though.

So Giraffing for the rest of the day and some of the evening.

I make a basic dinner, and get back to Giraffing and CD management.

Yes, still tired. Mmm.