a scary subterranean unterwelt

6:00 – Up, sit, breakfast and H leaves.

I spend the morning packing up the Giraffe job, rather than doing the Pusskins job as I’d intended. Bah. Then I have lunch – I notice that the restaurant downstairs isn’t open. They do go on holiday in August, but they usually leave a sign. On the way back to the flat I see the owner talking to the owners of the stationery shop. I don’t stop to ask what they’re talking about, as there’s enough stress around as it is.

I get a lift up to Hachette with the Giraffe stuff. The woman in reception gives me directions to the postroom, which is in the basement. In the lift I explain this to a woman who was also going to the postroom, and who says she’s the receptionist on the 16th floor and I should have been directed to her. I don’t understand the system at all, but I’m now trapped in a scary subterranean unterwelt. The German seems appropriate, somehow.

Also pick up package from sorting office, which turns out to be copies of books I did for Hachette.

Back at the flat, carry on with the Pusskins book – scanning and assembling. This takes me through to bedtime, with a break for dinner.