So morning wasted, then.

Up, breakfast and H departs as usual.

After a shower and a call to T-Mobile for a PAC, I set off for the Apple Store to try to acquire and iPhone.

There’s a modest queue around the stairs, which I join. Occasionally people in t-shirts come round to check we have the proper documentation. Apparantly there was a lot of not having the proper documentation, and thus great sadness and no iPhone. I have a phone bill, a bank statement, a credit card, a debit card and my passport.

After a while queuing downstairs we are allowed upstairs to queue some more, edging along one seat at a time.

It takes me two hours to get to the front of the queue, during which I’m involved in a short bonding session over PAC codes (which allow numbers to be transferred from one network to another) – the woman behind me is denied her code by Vodaphone, who say it’s standard practise to make someone wait for 48 hours. I say I got mine in ten minutes. The person who she’s talking to at Vodaphone insists on talking to me. I think I get into an argument of some description, it’s difficult to tell. The man in front, however, calls T-Mobile back and gets his read to him over the phone, so he’s a moderately happier man. Also, the tariff will be cheaper for him, which I find quite incredible.

Anyway, like I say, two hours queuing, and when I get there, after some poking around on the computer, it turns out that as the Post Office don’t have my address in their database, they won’t sell me a phone. So morning wasted, then.

I ask the guy who serves me how much longer this madness will continue. “It can’t last much longer,” he says. “It’s been … how long? nearly two weeks. It can’t last much longer”. There’s a note of desperation in his voice.

Go home and hassle the Post Office, to no immediate effect.



Haru comes home.

More Giraffing, then playing with Logic.

Then bed.