unplanned unconsciousness

Get up sometime after 6:00. Still tired.

Breakfast, H leaves. I dither and finally get back to Giraffing. The day also contains font-work. And me being tired and having to lie down.

I have to go in to Walker tomorrow, which I hope doesn’t include unplanned unconsciousness, which would be very embarrassing.

In the evening – after excellent salt-pork ramen by H – I go down to the E&C Tesco for supplies. On the way there, pass what seems to be a first-generation punk. I do a lot of narrowly missing people. Or them narrowly missing me. The woman in front of me conducts the whole transaction while carrying on a conversation on her mobile, which makes her very slow. Also she completely ignores the cashier, apart from paying her. Remarkable.

Back at the flat: tea, peanuts, CD management.