they probably involve tiaras

6:04 – Up, sit, breakfast, Haru out the door, I stretch and shower and dress.

I go to the Apple Store for another failed attempt at buying an iPhone. The phones are there all right, but my address (the one I’ve lived in for nearly twenty years) doesn’t appear on another database, so I go home empty-handed. I’m beginning to feel a bit stupid. They get one more chance, and probably not soon.

Home. Bit of Giraffe. Off to Waterloo, train to Salisbury, arriving with a couple of hours to spare, so I go for a walk. I’m wearing a dark suit and black shirt with tie (blue). There probably are less appropriate clothing choices, but they probably involve tiaras.

I don’t have enough money on me to get into Salisbury Cathedral. I can’t afford to go in to a church.

I can get money and buy a sandwich and coffee, which is a fairly expensive proposition itself, and look at brochures from mobile phone shops, to see what the iPhone’s competition is.

In the area I’m interested in (data), the competition is non-existent.

Up to the station; Alex arrives with a number of boxes. Then he drives me to Waitrose in search of brown tape. They have it, but it’s very expensive, but at the next aisle along, there are luggage trolleys, so I get one of those instead. Which we wouldn’t have found if we hadn’t been looking for brown tape. Huh.

Back to the station, load up the trolley with boxes, chat for a bit, then I go off to catch my train.

Back to London, then trundle home.

Soon after, Haru arrives back.

More JGBing.

I’ll tackle the boxes another night.