walking around at dawn in my pyjamas

I don’t really get to sleep – I develop a bad cold before going to bed – my synapses are stuffed and I can’t get to sleep for the pain and the inability to breathe. So I get up. I try inhaling Olbas Oil. At about 5:00 I go out and get some Lemsip from the corner shop. I should do that more, walking around at dawn in my pyjamas.

At 6:30, H gets up. We have breakfast. I intend to hold out until she leaves for work, but actually crash out before.

I wake up intermittently during the day – I call Walker to explain my non-appearance, get a call from Hachette, have some lunch – but mostly spend the day crashed out.

Haru gets back at 18:30. She makes Udon, which she prescribes for colds. Very good, too.

I crash out again.

I assume I’m going to be better in the next couple of days. Ten years ago, this sort of thing would have left me comatose for a week, but I think I’m a bit stronger now. I think.

I’ll try to get to sleep. I’ve programmed my iPod with entertaining stuff in case.

(just sneezed mightily – is the pattern going to continue?)