But up, darn it.

Up at… ahem, 6:40. But up, darn it. Breakfast. Haru goes to work. I prepare myself and go to Walker.

There is great Maisying. Then lunch, then more Maisying.

Actually I’m not feeling 100%. People occasionally ask me how I am, and I reply “well, I’m here”. Assume the virtue, yes, but if I’m actually down with the lurgy, it seems a bit strange not to acknowledge it.

I chicken out and come home just before 17:00, when some kind of partying is about to begin. I’m on the verge of gibbering, perhaps abusively, so. Best tactic.

Home. Some kind of stuff. Haru comes home. Get halloumi and pesto from the corner shop and we have Italo-Hellenic dinner. Somehow I spend the evening with Logic, tweaking tracks. Pure is almost fully-tweaked: it just needs a vocal now. Ditto My Bumper Book of Lies.

Send Tove Jansson books to people, because it’s essentially a good idea to do so.

Let’s see how I am tomorrow.

I just realised we missed the toast tonight. Huh.