See above under “cracks in the company structure”.

6:00 – Up, surprisingly enough. I was certainly surprised. Sitting. Breakfast. H goes to work. I dither and end up getting to Walker late, largely because I’ve so much time to get there that I think I can do a lot more things than I can. Or “do”, anyway. I’m not sure that much gets done.

They’re filming an episode of The Bill on an estate as I pass. Someone’s running after someone else.

Anyway, get to Walker and begin the next project. Irritate an IT person, which is possibly not a good idea, largely because I fall between the cracks of the company structure. Generally it’s believed that the company structure doesn’t have cracks, which makes it slightly more complicated.

At lunch time I manage to take someone else’s lunch. See above under “cracks in the company structure”.

At 18:00 walk home. As I can see they’re filming on the route home (perhaps even the same episode of the Bill, I couldn’t say) I take a long cut to avoid the obstruction.

Get home. A non-delivery card for a package is waiting for me. Not sure what this might be.

Do corrections on the Pusskins book, which managed to do to the wrong size, so is more involved than I thought it would be. Dinner in there somewhere. Finish at 22:30, put the rubbish out and listen to / tweak Pure and Joker Like Me.