(almost as accidentally)

Oversleep. Or rather return to a vaguely unsatisfying dream and wake up 20 minutes later. Bah. Then, after the usual preparations, dither, so that I’m very late getting in to Walker. Double bah.

On the way pass the vans of the Bill location team.

Continuing the work I’ve been doing the last few days.

Lunch with Ben, over-the-road.

And then back to it.

A package that was supposed to arrive for me doesn’t.

On returning home, find that the film crew are still there, making an episode of the Bill. Or perhaps they’re doing a lot of pick-up shots to distribute over a few episodes. The area looks a lot tougher on The Bill than it is in real life.

Anyway, I walk the other route again.

Dinner is left-over stew and rice and egg-roll and very nice indeed.

I accidentally delete all my saved messages, then (almost as accidentally) undelete them.

As the package didn’t arrive, I’m not able to do the work I was going to do, but then I’d probably not be able to anyway, on account of a dribbly brain.