The downside is that it’s probably quite insane.

6:03-ish – actually get up. Sit. Breakfast. H leaves. I prepare and dither in equal amounts. I leave later than I’d like but not as late as I’d feared. Long chat to Denise via the wonders of mobile phonery on the way to Walker.

Continuing. Like a running track (it gets longer as it gets towards the end). The package that should have arrived yesterday is there.

Out for lunch with Ben again, this time at the Italian place. Long discussion about (I think) metaphysics. I realise that I believe something strongly, which is quite nice, as I haven’t really believed anything at all for a long time. The downside is that it’s probably quite insane.

More of the same.

Birthday celebration.

Almost completing….

19:00 – Walk home.

Pick up the Giraffe job again, before and after dinner (excellent meatballs & stew by H).

Stop at 22:00 before I go mad. Bit of Logic before bed.

Read something and feel fleetingly jealous. Notice jealousy, and realise that it’s wholly irrelevant.