(who knew sublimated sexual urges when they saw them)

6:00 – Up. At ’em. Etc.

Etc being sitting, breakfast as per usual.

H goes at 7:20 and I prepare.

I get in to Walker later than I’d like again.

Maisying. I realise at some point that what I’m doing is actually rather fun.

There’s a lot of watching the Olympics. Difficult in a way for me, as I genuinely don’t care, no offence the competitors and best wishes to them all, but I have no urge to jump up and down and shout “another gold!” as some people do, neither can I fake it. Apparently now the British team have won the most gold medals for a century, and a century ago we were the only ones in the world who gave a toss about sport at all and everybody else thought we were mad. Particularly the French (who knew sublimated sexual urges when they saw them), which is ironic, really, because they actually founded the modern Olympics.

(Please note, I don’t really know what I’m talking about, and am probably making most of that up.)


Home. On the way home I take some inconsequential photographs with my phone.


Accidental call from Victoria, which is nice, actually. She asks what I’m doing. I say I’m playing with Logic. So once I’ve said it, I actually have to do it. I do rough mixes of several songs so that I can listen to them on my iPod, and then do something using the orchestral preset, which sounds very nice.

Today’s word seems to be “actually”.