The difference between dissonance and noise

So, up just after six, sit, breakfast, see H off, prepare, shower, and actually get to Walker at about 10:20, which is a significant improvement. Sad, that.

Maisying. Fixing something from a long time ago – a year, maybe. And a file-from-hell, too. And doing something that’s supposed to be the right size, but at 94% of the size of the file. That sort of thing. Go very slowly.

Lunch. Lie on floor.

Back to the Maisying.

Go for walk with Ben – he wants to see the exhibition at the Hayward. I beg off the exhibition, but go for a coffee with him. It seems like the whole South Bank Centre has essentially been turned into a bar. The difference between dissonance and noise: chaos. I should have remembered that the presence of noise (extraneous sound) is the sign of a waste of energy.

Walk home, taking snaps as I go. None of the cash dispensers at Waterloo Station are working, so I walk via Westminster Bridge Road. Get home, then go out and get sausage and chips.

Um. That’s it, really, for the evening.