the quality of the absence of sound not coming through the telephone

6:something – Crawl out of bed. Eat stuff. Haru leaves. I lie down.

Before I can set off for Walker someone calls up and asks if I can do a small job for them and asks me to quote a price. I quote a price, and can tell by the quality of the absence of sound not coming through the telephone to me that I asked for too much. This doesn’t often happen. I backpedal desperately, and am able to turn the job around before leaving for Walker.

Arrive at Walker. Maisying, or not quite Maisying but similar.

I don’t have lunch, having neither cash, nor a lunch token, nor a booking for lunch (which they’re rather particular about these days) nor the inclination to do anything but lie on the floor. So I lie on the floor.

For the second time today, I oversleep.

More of the same.

After work, I go to the Samye Dzong for the sitting, which will cease at this venue at the weekend. Before the sitting begins, the lay person conducting it cracks a joke, which I find a bit off, but then he’s a regular, and in charge of the remote control for the lights as well as lighting the candles and incense, so I suppose he out ranks me and my solemnity.

Not such a successful sitting, except that I do actually sit there for an hour, which is the point, perhaps.

Home, with snapshot-ish distractions. At home eat Mediterranean Stew and cheese sandwiches. Watch an old episode of The Goodies, the rest of the Peter Serafinowicz shows and a documentary about Prince from 1991, before he went off the rails somewhat.