possibly an accordian

I woke up very late and very groggy after hardly sleeping. There is some discussion and somehow I end up making pancakes. This is good. Even better, H gets Gnutella. Hooray: a pretext for eating chocolate for breakfast.

When H goes out for a walk, I spend the day recording guitar form 100 Horses and vocals for that and Unison and cleaning them up/mixing them. 100 Horses at least needs something else, possibly an accordian.

Also archiving / backing up and planning my next step, recording-wise.

Later I go out and get (in this order) Money, wine and fish & chips. While I’m out I listen to the newly-extended New Album on my iPod. On returning to the flat we consume the fish & chips and the wine, while watching various Stephen Fry vehicles on Dave. Later I watch the last half of The Silence of the Lambs What an extraordinary film it still is.