resulting in me being embarrassed

Mostly as yesterday, but without the movements, and with:

Me finding out that a bunch of invoices have been going into a junk mail folder, resulting in a web hosting account being suspended resulting in a website and a bunch of email disappearing, resulting in me being embarrassed. This gets sorted.

Me watching a bit of the Extended Version of Dune (hacked together for US television), directed by “Alan Smithee”. Realise that you don’t have less idea of what’s going on when it’s explained to you in exhaustive detail, accompanied by crappy drawings, and also that the film as it was was probably magnificent. I suspect that a lot of the shaky parts of the film were translated directly from the book, and that the art of making a science fiction movie is making it look not rubbish. For example, imagine am Elijah Bayley novel translated directly to film: it would be a 50s B-movie. Lynch (for it is he) dresses up SF excess in gorgeous visuals and ends up with something operatic. I can see that this “explained in dreadful detail” version is why he suggested his own cut, with all the narrative cut out.

We do the toasts for the end of September.


We assume that something must be happening next month apart from work and going to Japan, but can’t think of anything.

Not that sandwiches make me lie under the table.

Get up at 6:00 in a fresh bid for human-being status!

Not that you have to get up at 6:00 am in order to be a human being. It’s just part of my personal plan.

And it’s dark.

Anyway breakfasting and so forth.

Get in to Walker at 10:50, which annoys me, although I have a nice long chat with my sister on the way in and the weather is lovely. Neither of these things annoy me.

Maisying, then.

At lunchtime go and get money (French woman in front of queue having difficulties with the machine. Afraid she’d kick it or something), and sandwich in that order. Then eat latter and lie under the table. Not that sandwiches make me lie under the table.

Anyway, more Maisying.

Off to the Movements, and then doing them. Possible upcoming public humiliation. Who knows.

Back in the flat at 10:30. Large, crunchy and delicious salad waiting for me.

more slightly askew

Hmm. Didn’t achieve much – didn’t aim to achieve much, but at the end of the day think “well, I could have…” But then defined the weekend as a “recovery” weekend. I may well be recovered, we’ll see.

Did a bit of file-transferring, which is a long-winded job at the best of times.

Outside the sun was shining, though I didn’t really go outside apart from to the supermarket.

At the supermarket, the way that someone had parked their car in front of the parking spaces meant that my father had to park his car slightly askew. When I got back with the shopping it was evident that the next car along had had to park his car more slightly askew, although the original reason for the askewness was gone. The driver of the more slightly askew car returns, and I apologise for the askewness. He says it doesn’t matter and offers comments on the loveliness of the day and the death of Paul Newman. I suppose that’s how idle chit-chat works.

Japan approaching cat-like. I should really start thinking about what to pack.

someone who’s not allowed chocolate themselves and is bitter about it

Another day when I find it difficult to get out of bed. Perhaps tomorrow too, and then moving towards human status for next week, I don’t know.

Eventually I get in to Walker. There’s Maisying. And cake. Some of the cake is Chocolate brownies, which have chilli in them. I wonder if they were made by someone who’s not allowed chocolate themselves and is bitter about it.

Quite a sociable lunch in the fiction department. More sociable than the actual dining room, which has the kind of acoustic that you’d normall find in, say, a basilica, which makes conversation more difficult than it need be.

And more Maisying. Sorry if it’s repetitive for you. Imagine how it is for me.

Leave at about 19:30, getting home at about 20:00.

After some dithering we have instant ramen for dinner, with fresh topping, and quite nice.

The rest of the evening? Um. Stuff.

Is it what happens when saudade meets customers?

Up, I guess. Relatively vertical, anyway.

There’s also breakfast.

And not quite preparing and being late. There’s that too.

Then a lot of Maisying.

At lunchtime I join the queue for money, and then go to buy a sandwich from slightly aggressive Portugese people. Is this a Portugese national trait? Is it what happens when saudade meets customers?

Then long chat to Ben, about fantasy of all things.

Then more Maisying.

Home at about 19:30 – dinner is quite meaty, but that doesn’t quell my urge for chocolate, which is quite strong at the moment.

Nudging myself into learning how to do some basic Javascript, which I apply to the menu on the archive page, which slows it down considerably. If you’re reading this today, go there and you’ll see what I mean.

Now late again.

without evident success

Do manage to crawl out of bed and sit before breakfast.

Also play the guitar and sing a bit before showering and getting to work, though I don’t manage to get there as early as I’d like.

Maisying, then. All day, which lasts until 19:30.

Home. Delicious Tuna-steak Japanese-style.

Trying to do something with the Pearce Lecture recording, without evident success.

Trying to do something with the tracks we recorded at the weekend, ditto.

Perhaps my ears are tired. Or my brain. Or something.

Amazingly the conversation survived the journey.

Don’t really manage to get up, but make a go of it.

Breakfast, H leaves. To my shame: Muesli frenzy.

Get to Walker late, having had a telephone conversation on the way to work. Part of this was on a bus, but I was too self-conscious to actually say anything. Amazingly the conversation survived the journey.

Maisying, then.

I don’t eat lunch, but lie under the table the whole time: I’m that tired.

More Maisying.

Off to the Movements class, from which I return at 21:45, in the flat by 22:30.

There’s delicious stew by H, and I do some small bits and pieces.

Or perhaps not strange.


Again trouble getting up – muesli frenzy – finally get to Walker’s and get Maisying.

Very pleasant lunch, outside the Madiera cafe in the sun, chatting to Ben. Reminded me of Argentina in either the Spring or Summer.

Back to Maisying, or at least trying to print the file I’ve been working on for weeks.

Finally come up with what I call an alpha version, then leave for the V&A.

Meet H outside and we go to the lecture theatre.

Mr Saville is very slightly late and a lot of the technology doesn’t work. I wonder for a moment whether the discussion might take place acoustic, but apparantly not.

Wonderful experience, though. Saville is very articulate and inspiring on his passions, and entertainingly scathing about graphic design.

While the conversation is taking place, after a technological glitch, examples of his work are projected on a screen, many of which I hadn’t realised were designed by him.

Great stuff, anyway.

Back home on the tube, stopping off at Masters to get fish and chips and the off-license next door to get beer, then watch a documentary about Roxy Music, QI the Newsnight programmes and Jools Holland with Metallica. Strange to notice that Metallica unite the other performers (many of whom seem word-perfect with Enter Sandman.

Or perhaps not strange.

the process seems unconnected to events

Oversleep again. Going through an oversleep zone, then.

Up, breakfast, shower, off to Walker and more Maisying.

Interesting to watch mood change, especially as the process seems unconnected to events.

Sandwich for lunch and time spent printing.

Home at about 7:00. Ramen for dinner and after dinner I extract audio files from tracks that will be recorded at the weekend and do a little website stuff.

And stay up late again. Which may have something to do with the oversleeping.