they don’t seem to be getting replaced

At 6:00 when haru gets up, I’m still awake. I lie down after she leaves, at 7:30, having alerted Walker to my likely non-appearance.

I wake up again at 12:00, almost to the minute.

It seems that Ken Campbell has died, which is a wretched and terrible turn of development. As shamen like him disappear, they don’t seem to be getting replaced.

Lunch, shave & shower, and off to Walker, stopping at the chemist to get some anti-histamine. They not only tell me not to buy another thing, but go out of their way to sell me the generic version of the one I choose. Remarkable in this day and age.

There have been positive reports about the Shifrin book via email. I’m hugely relieved. Call Sara for joint relief and a catch-up chat.

Get to Walker, finalising the nursery stories book, so corrections, then copying onto the Out-to-Repro server, which takes until 19:00.

Home, dinner, then an evening with the internet. Possibly not the most creative use of my time, I have to confess. I do listen to the tracks I recorded for River Rise once, with no tweaking. Hmm.

Let’s see if I sleep tonight, shall we…