Or we could call it research.

Late up again, though I find some time for a stretch after H has departed, and a bit of fontery. This gets me in late again, chiz.

Maisying, of course. A twinge of something when I realise I could be better at the “making pictures from scratch” thing, assuaged a bit when I discover that the person who’s better at it than me cheats a bit. Or we could call it research. I realise I could ask them how they do it and get better at it myself. Huh.

Sandwich for lunch, lie down under the table and then more Maisying.

Get home late. In the location around the corner where last week there was a banana skin, tonight there’s a single, red, discarded rose on the pavement.

Dinner, then more fontery. I try to lay out a website I had a notion of today, and sketched on a bit of scrap paper. This keeps me up later than I’d like.