the bumping-into-things-and-realising-you’re-an-idiot phase

Almost-but-not-quite back to a human-style rise this morning. There is stretching, though, which is a tremendous relief.

Get to Walker at 10:00, which is half an hour later than I wanted to get there, and half an hour earlier than I really needed to.

Finalising Maisy stuff.

At lunchtime I have to go home to resend a file to a client (and do a tiny bit of stuff), and find a further task that needs to be addressed, resulting in my getting back to Walker late.


In the afternoon, I find that I need to do a lot more stuff to something that I thought was going to be imminently dispatched, because I’d confidently said it was finished when, frankly, it wasn’t. I’m a fool.

Actually, a lot of this today. It feels very like the bumping-into-things-and-realising-you’re-an-idiot phase of a course (after the middle, isn’t it?). But I don’t know what it’s after the middle of.

Walk across to the Young Vic to meet Haru and collect tickets. Very pleasant dinner in Ev, which is blessed with being not only very nice, but hidden away enough that it’s not too crowded, although H says it’s heaving at lunchtime.

To the theatre – Fragments, five short pieces by Samuel Beckett. Absolutely superb. Not totally sure of the setlist (I’d have swapped Rockaby and Footfalls, but then I’m very pointedly not Peter Brook, so what do I know?), but the playing is astounding. At times like cartoon characters. Very short, too, which means that we’re at home by 21:00. But full of flavour.

Amongst other things, struck by the use of language in Rockaby. So much is conveyed by the repetition and slow variation of simple phrases.

It seems the WebDav server successfully serves to the world, but it’s slow. Bah.