which isn’t really very yogic at all

Still not back into the routine completely, largely because I stay up too late, but I do manage a lot of yoga to an instructional podcast I’ve downloaded. The presenter is very colloquial and jocular and has a lot of jokey asides and at one point I say out loud: “shut the fuck up!” which isn’t really very yogic at all. But my arms were hurting.

I would have left for Walker earlier, but for some reason my iPhone decided it wanted to restore again, and it took half an hour before I discovered I could just unplug it. Roll on 2.1.

I spend the day at Walker doing a lot of stuff I thought I’d done a long time ago, and had said so, so generally I feel very foolish.

Ben buys me lunch, and we discuss world conquest. Or at least a part of it.

In the afternoon, I complete the job and carry on with another one. I also read notoagebanding.org. I suspect there are a lot of other grievances wrapped up in that, and it’s just a handy banner to gather under. Philip Pullman in particular seems to be generally pissed off.

Home. Delicious Japanese food.

I spend the evening adding woodwind and synth bass to River Rise. It seems to be arranging itself, and I’m very taken with it.

Late to bed again.