‘t want to be sung yet

Mmm. Top croissants for breakfast.

Haru goes out. I set to recording. By the time she comes back I’ve done a bass and guitar track for Logodaedalus. I wrote just under two verses of this in the early 1990s and thought that was it for this song, and today I sat down and played the whole thing, with a third verse and a bridging section as if it had been there all along, but just didn’t want to be sung yet.

I add vocals and an accordian.

Also rejig Mystery Dog, to which I need to add words.

Out in the evening to see a performance that Viv Schwartz plugged on her blog – The Death of Flyboy by Matthew Robins. On the way we have dinner at Ev. It’s raining as we go from the flat to Ev, but it clears up by the time we reach the performance space (the terrace of the National Theatre, with live music and live paper-cutout animations projected on the fly-tower).

Very groovy. Afterwards I buy two badges with H’s money.

Back to the flat. I add eight bars to Pure (after the solo – tremendous improvement, actually), stretch out the intro guitar thing for River Rise that I did last night and do latest mixes of everything, which I copy to the Mini. We listen to it all in sequence. There’s still a need for some other songs, and some overdubs definitely need to be done, but it’s mostly there. Perhaps the “album” mix of My Bumper Book of Lies should be sparser, so that it matches the sound of most of the rest of the album more. We’ll see. Perhaps I could upload the version I have now, and then I wouldn’t feel so bad about losing bits.