I’m fairly sure that it counts as a “fail” all round.

Supermarket run in the morning. At the checkout, reaching for one of those divider thingies, I spill a plastic cup of water. I didn’t even see it was there. Very strange situation, though. I’m fairly sure that it counts as a “fail” all round.

Dithering, failing to get a grip on jQuery, lunch, then some mixing, then frantic overeating of sweet foods, then trying to begin recording another track, and not quite succeeding, then finding that the attempted (and I thought failed) attempt to download the Prom we attended from BBC iPlayer had in fact succeeded, then a stunning Japanese-style pork milanesa dinner, then I successfully record drums, bass and guitar for one more track, called Mufti Day.

Again, I’ve a very strong sense that I’ve been waiting for this on to come into being. I’m rather looking forward to see what it sounds like.

Sherry (a bit late) and listen to yesterday’s mixes – I’ll need to copy today’s across so that I can listen on my iPod tomorrow.

Stay up late setting out a website idea. On the plus side, it looks rather good.