My body is so surprised it doesn’t object.

Almost back to normal again. But then almost back to normal isn’t back to normal, is it? Anyway, sitting done and also stretching. After a fashion.

On the way in to work get a sandwich for lunch. Unusually busy in there, and there’s the ever-present television as a distraction, too. I’d quite like to appear to be a nice person, but I get the impression I usually fail, at least in places like this.

Walker again. A nice day researching things on the internet and Maisyfying them.

Lunch and lie-down. And slight oversleep.

More Maisification.

Home. Once home, I decide to go for a run – quite a long one considering I’ve not done one for a couple of months. My body is so surprised it doesn’t object. No doubt it will have something to say tomorrow.

Shower and excellent curry by H. Then I ask for assistance in my quickly-getting-out-of-hand album project and go and mix tracks more assiduously and sequence them in Waveburner: tomorrow I can burn an alpha version. Actually, after a tweak, some things sound much better, possibly even finished. How can I have finished something without noticing?