fairly dark is what it does these days

I wake up. It’s still fairly dark, so I think “Oh, good, I can sleep a little longer”. But of course fairly dark is what it does these days at 6:00 in the morning. So we get up.

The usual preparations, which go better than recently.

Somehow I manage to get in to Walker at 11:00. How does that happen? Apart from the font job I had to do this morning (although I suppose I could have done it last night).

More Maisification.

At lunchtime I go and get some money and then an egg mayo and bacon sandwich. The woman taking the order doesn’t hear the bacon bit, so there’s some frostiness. There usually is in there. Perhaps it’s a Portugese thing.

Lying down and then back to Maisy.

With staying a bit later and chatting to Ben it’s 8:00 before I get home.

Delicious ramen, then moderate dribbling and some JGB and then seeing how some of the tracks convert to MP3. Perhaps not as well as I’d like, but then they are insanely compressed.