Or perhaps not strange.


Again trouble getting up – muesli frenzy – finally get to Walker’s and get Maisying.

Very pleasant lunch, outside the Madiera cafe in the sun, chatting to Ben. Reminded me of Argentina in either the Spring or Summer.

Back to Maisying, or at least trying to print the file I’ve been working on for weeks.

Finally come up with what I call an alpha version, then leave for the V&A.

Meet H outside and we go to the lecture theatre.

Mr Saville is very slightly late and a lot of the technology doesn’t work. I wonder for a moment whether the discussion might take place acoustic, but apparantly not.

Wonderful experience, though. Saville is very articulate and inspiring on his passions, and entertainingly scathing about graphic design.

While the conversation is taking place, after a technological glitch, examples of his work are projected on a screen, many of which I hadn’t realised were designed by him.

Great stuff, anyway.

Back home on the tube, stopping off at Masters to get fish and chips and the off-license next door to get beer, then watch a documentary about Roxy Music, QI the Newsnight programmes and Jools Holland with Metallica. Strange to notice that Metallica unite the other performers (many of whom seem word-perfect with Enter Sandman.

Or perhaps not strange.