Strange, these bouts of lunchtime unconsciousness.

More dissipated beginning to the day: That must be Thursday I suppose – sort of get up, sort of sit, breakfast (no sort of about that, good to have some stability), and then get to work. Late. The bus goes past as I reach the junction, so it’s fairly clear which universe I’m in today. Walk to work, and do intermittent Maisying for the rest of the day. Except lunchtime, when I play the guitar and lie on the floor to sleep. Strange, these bouts of lunchtime unconsciousness.

Get home at 18:00, beating H home, and get chips for dinner. While I’m waiting for them an old lady comes in to get fish (and chicken) and chips. She says she’s 88 and they’re for her grandchildren, who’ve come to visit. But they still send her to get fish and chips. In retrospect everything she said was a complaint, but didn’t seem like that at the time. I suppose when you’re that age you’ve had a chance to practise niceness, which was picked up on by everyone in the shop, except the young man who came in, ordered his chips, waited, paid and left without removing the phone from his ear or breaking his conversation once.

Anyway, chips, TV (Buzzcocks) and DVD (Out of Sight).

The best universe is the one in which I left the flat a lot earlier.

Like yesterday, pretty much, but without keyboard playing. And a lot colder. It may be time to put the heating on. Six in the morning is now as dark and cold as five in the morning (when I’ve been waking up, for some reason) and midnight.

Anyway, up, sit, breakfast, prepare, off to Walker. Today I take a bus some of the way because I’m late. There’s a point in my walk to work where I reach a bus stop, and if a bus is coming along I can take it and get off near Walker four minutes later, or alternatively walk there in fifteen minutes. The debatable point is the “if a bus is coming” bit. Perhaps if I wait a couple of minutes, a bus will come along… but if I walk, I’ll get there in the time that I’d need to wait for a bus …

Two universes (the one with and the one without the bus ride) co-existing, neither wholly satisfactory or plausible. The best universe is the one in which I left the flat a lot earlier.

Maisying again. More dispersed day than yesterday, though with some chocolate biscuits. I practise on the Soloette at lunchtime, occasionally falling asleep where I sit.

And more Maisying.

On reaching home at about 19:00, I make kedgeree and then establish that the party I may be going to on Saturday night and the place I may be staying are on opposite sides of Bristol town centre, which I’m sure is just the place one wants to be walking in the early hours of Sunday morning. Or am I being negative?

Nothing else achieved in the evening, including things I’d rather have liked to achieve.

various excitements I might otherwise have missed

Up at 6:00 and the usual sitting, breakfasting and preparing. The mornings have become deceptively lighter, of course, but that won’t last. I manage to remember how much better I felt yesterday for the yoga, and do a bit today. When I leave for work I take my Soloette with me. Outside I meet and chat with one of the upstairs neighbours who fills me in on various excitements I might otherwise have missed.

Collect sandwich on the way to work. I really should be doing this for myself.

Maisying, then lunch, with some playing (working out intriguing harmonic ideas I’ve found on the web), then back to the Maisying.

Get home earlier than usual having managed to do a bunch of stuff.

Run – not that far, really, as I’m currently blobby and unfit.

Shower, then dinner, then take those harmonic ideas to the keyboard: amazing stuff.

a checklist of Things To Do

A much better start to the day than recently – up on time, yoga and so forth, shave with the new razor H gave me for my birthday, to the Doctor’s to pick up my prescription, then to the chemist’s to get it filled out and then walk to Walker’s. So, like a checklist of Things To Do.

And back to the Maisying, which continues all day with a break for lunch. I feel very good late morning, perhaps as a result of the yoga. Hopefully I’ll remember tomorrow morning that I’ll feel better later if I do the stretchy stuff earlier. It’s apt to slip my mind earlier, though, which is a shame.

Back home just after 19:00, and back to the last couple (actually three – I missed one yesterday) of Fairy pictures, with a break for dinner, and finishing up at about 23:00.

I don’t appear to be lacking in Things To Do, anyway, in fact the dominant mood at the moment is a sense of failure at my not being able to do enough of them.

earlier is experientially later

Up very early (the clocks changed last night, so earlier is experientially later … or perhaps the other way round, I’m not sure), shower and shave and have breakfast.

To Colet House for their open day. I’m feeling quite negative, I must confess, though it’s something that’s sort of inhabiting me rather than a rational response to events and situations.

The tube is very busy, anyway, almost as bad as Monday nights.

Movements demonstration, anyway. I don’t join in. Very useful to see, though. I stay for lunch and bunk off the afternoon, so that I can get back to colour in more fairies, stopping to get snacks.

Watch the BBC Guitar Heroes programme (exactly when was Tom Petty decreed to be a guitar hero. No offense intended to Tom Petty), and the recent edition of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and then I carry on colouring in, with a break for dinner.

By the end of the night I only have two more left to do. I think I can manage those tomorrow night.

complete lack of detail

Birthday, largely spent with the fairies (hence the complete lack of detail in my account here), though we do go downstairs for dinner.

The ParcelForce people have put a card through the door rather than ringing the bell. Can’t they be arsed? Or is it that the bell doesn’t work?

Lotsa fun, despite the drizzle.

Another day with the Fairies, with accompanying lack of detail.

I make a chicken stew in the slow cooker: something approximating victory here.

Also, after H has come home, I go out and meet up with Ben and have an agreeable chat over sherry at Gordon’s wine bar. Lotsa fun, despite the drizzle.

Home again. No further Fairy action, which is a shame.

But mainly fairies.

Another fairying day, and we get up early (in the dark) again.

I also go to the parcel collection office (as the postperson seems to be unwilling either to ring my doorbell or leave the package with the restaurant next door. Or perhaps they’re just unwilling to carry packages with them, preferring the smaller, lighter “Sorry you were out” cards. Also the supermarket. Trying to orient in a strange supermarket is very confusing.

But mainly fairies.

I do also go a run … well, jog … well … wobble at about 19:00. Too much for lunch and too long since I last tried this. Bah.

Ramen for dinner.

And more fairies.

But I like that larger area.

Up at 6:00, sit, breakfast etc. Back to the schedule, then.

Today I work on Fairies again, with the new graphics tablet. I like the larger area, but I’m annoyed that replacing the tablet didn’t cure the tendency for the pen to lose contact with the tablet. But I like that larger area.

Early afternoon – I drop my Indomethacin prescription in for renewal. Apparantly there are people who are prepared to abuse Indomethacin, which has no psychoactive properties whatsoever, except the the euphoria that accompanies the diminution of swelling and pain.

Lunch. More fairies.

Haru gets back at 18:00, and we have dinner at 19:30. And I don’t quite get back to the Fairies after dinner. Let’s see how it goes.