civilisation falls around our ears and other body parts

Not quite as snappy a rise this morning, and a bit of horizontal lingering, too. Meh.

Fairly random and incompetent departure – I need to return to collect my phone charger (though in the end I don’t need it), and forget my wallet both times, so when a bus arrives (as I’m running late I thought I’d hop on it), I’m left patting my pockets and looking foolish.

Have a slightly different sandwich for lunch, which I regret as it’s not as nice. This is the tone of my life at the moment – I’m guaging things on sandwich preferences, while civilisation falls around our ears and other body parts.

Anyway, Maisification continues unabated, though apparantly with an end in sight.

Lot of lying down at lunchtime, too.

Back in the flat around 19:30. Manage very little tonight. .htaccess on a number of my sites goes wierd (though the sites do still work, most of them), and I have to contact technical support: theres a theme over the last couple of days of Things Going Wrong.

I rewrite one of the sites to work despite the lack of mod-rewrite.

And we watch a bit of television about arts programming. Lorraine Heggessy is the devil, isn’t she? For goodness sake, the opposite of “stupid” is not “elitist”.