And stuff like that.

Up at a more sensible time (8:00-ish).

Breakfast, then shower and shave for me and out to catch the train to Osaka.

Go to large post office and get more money from the ATM and then take some photos.

Meet up with Haru’s school friend, her husband and baby and have excellent, traditional Japanese meal in private room.

Then to Yodobashi camera to buy lots of bits and pieces – connectors and plugs and that sort of thing. And H gets another lens for her camera, and we get padded bags to protect our cameras. And stuff like that.

Back to Kobe to meet up with another internet friend, from Kyoto, and eat more excellent cake in an experimental (apparantly) French-style bakery. The bread looks superb.

Stop off at convenience store and get a couple of cans of Yebisu.

Home. Dinner with Yebisu (though not the cans we bought, but rather the excellent hop-rich variety).

After dinner some television, including a Chinese-letter spelling quiz, which seems very hard.

Upstairs to try/test/stash stuff we bought today and transfer photos.