a checklist of Things To Do

A much better start to the day than recently – up on time, yoga and so forth, shave with the new razor H gave me for my birthday, to the Doctor’s to pick up my prescription, then to the chemist’s to get it filled out and then walk to Walker’s. So, like a checklist of Things To Do.

And back to the Maisying, which continues all day with a break for lunch. I feel very good late morning, perhaps as a result of the yoga. Hopefully I’ll remember tomorrow morning that I’ll feel better later if I do the stretchy stuff earlier. It’s apt to slip my mind earlier, though, which is a shame.

Back home just after 19:00, and back to the last couple (actually three – I missed one yesterday) of Fairy pictures, with a break for dinner, and finishing up at about 23:00.

I don’t appear to be lacking in Things To Do, anyway, in fact the dominant mood at the moment is a sense of failure at my not being able to do enough of them.