Too much sleeping

Um. Too much sleeping, more than I’d have liked.

In the afternoon I take my Godin nylon-string over to Putney to (hopefully, but not definitely) be repaired. I wait my turn as the previous customer is involved in some heavy Guitar Chat. Anyway, I’ll find out on Tuesday one way or the other.

I’ve gone into a heavily tweaky period on the website I was discussing yesterday.

In the evening – dinner is chips, then a lot of Friday night TV.

which makes total sense, I suppose

Today’s work involves being late – that actually wasn’t part of the brief – and getting confused. One of those situations where the more I tried to define what I was doing, the further I wandered away from it. Still it all turned out OK in the end, I think. We’ll have to see.

A bunch of hanging around on station platforms, which I’ve not done for a while. There’s the wierd indeterminacy of whether the train advertised on the sign will appear (and the E.T.A. as well as the supposed original time it was supposed ot arrive keep creeping forwards so they’re just ahead of clock time), or whether they’ll just give up and cancel all the trains.

Anyway, it arrives, I get on and walk home from London Bridge.

I also called someone about getting my Godin repaired (after two years). He had no idea what I was talking about and told me that he’d have to see it first, which makes total sense, I suppose.

I mean, some is too much, isn’t it.

Up at 6:00, usual preparations. And dithering.

FInally pack a big bag with mixer, reverb unit, mics. preamp and cables and go and catch a 360 to Pimlico. The bus stops for a long time at Vauxhall Bus Station until the new driver can be bothered to get on the bus. I come over all Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.

I’m engineering a session by Fujie and Dan for Phil H’s radio show, by the way.

Arrive late and hurriedly put the gear together. Eventually the live session goes out. This week, though, I fear I’ve allowed too much distortion to creep in. Bah.

I mean, some is too much, isn’t it.

Post-show cup of coffee. 360 home, then get some lunch, then head back into Walker.

The font stuff I did last night didn’t work. Bah, again.

Finalising some Maisy stuff. After work, walk with Ben to the bus station discussion Stuff and Work, mostly in that order. Catch another 360.

Home. H returns. Make kedgeree for dinner. Some website work.

#4 on my list of “things I don’t really need to do today”

Another bewilderingly vague day – up and site, breakfast, etc. However, don’t manage to do a lot of the things I wanted to do before Denise arrives.

When she does arrive, we chat about life, stuff and (more to the point) website business. Then lunch.

Oh, I do a lot of archiving and getting rid of duplicate files, a task which is about number 1,544,833 on my list of “things I really need to do today”. Or #4 on my list of “things I don’t really need to do today”. Still, it’s probably good that it’s done.

In the evening and after dinner, I work on a font. Having established over a period of several years that I can’t fix the one I made, I use a fiendish plan to regenerate it. Hopefully it will work better now. Perhaps not, I’m not sure.

Almost, but not quite always.

Up at or around 6:00. Sit. Breakfast and H leaves.

I dither more than I’d like, then morning preparations.

I go into Walker to check that something I left on Friday is right. It isn’t and I end up staying there all morning, and then for lunch.

Back home, then out to get some DVD-Rs.

Back, then out to the movements.

I realise that I’m better off leaving the mechanical self to get on with it most of the time, seeing quite clearly that I’m incapable of making things better by intervening. Almost, but not quite always.

Then home, stew, bit of websitery and bed.

and bewilderment

Oversleep – indeed, I obey an inner command telling me to “lie down for five minutes” and wake up at half-past-ten, getting in to Walker very late.

During the morning I establish that I’m definitely ill, and spend lunchtime semi-conscious on the floor.

By the afternoon flapjacks are placed by the coffee point and I use them to boost my sugar levels. Also the afternoon’s Maisying is somewhat constricted by my inability to know exactly what I’m doing most of the time.

Finally get home at 19:00. Pizza for dinner, with wine.

Also television

and bewilderment.

The whole limping thing

Up at 6:01. I should mention that. Don’t do anything too strenuous this morning as my leg still seems to want to bend backwards. Guitar practice, though, which isn’t leg-based.

Catch a bus. The bus shelter is occupied by a group of people who each have their own can of Tennants Extra at 10:30 in the morning. One of them is dancing around slightly, and keeps trying (and failing, I have to say) to make intimidating eye-contact with me. Perhaps he’s trying to start a fight, I don’t know.

Into Walker for more Maisying. I’ll assume that it’s coming to a completion, but I can’t be sure.

Get back home and dither all evening, watching a bit of TV.

Riveting day, I know. The whole limping thing is a bit disturbing.

fascinating cultural unusualnesses

Oversleep slightly, so all the bits of the morning are late and in the wrong order. At least breakfast is at the right time (in fact slightly earlier than usual, in the dark). After H leaves I go for a run, then stretch, then guitar practice.

The run was probably a bad idea, as my knee is slightly buggered. In fact it seems to be trying to bend backwards, flamingo-style. I’m not a flamingo. I checked.

More Pusskins scanning and colouring in, and (after lunch) a trip to the supermarket. The people behind me at the till seem to be engaged in a lot of fascinating cultural unusualnesses, and trying to perpetrate a scam, persisting in a peculiar and complicated patter despite the fact that the cashier doesn’t especially care.

Ho hum.

Home. More colouring. Also phone in to say that I won’t be going to the Movements class tonight on account of my knee trying to bend backwards.

Then more colouring with dinner (delicious donburi by H) in there somewhere.

After I’ve done the colouring-in I allow myself to listen to some stuff I’ve done in Logic.

the pub I first thought of

Another very off day – get up too late for breakfast, and go straight to an early lunch. When I discover from my iphone that I’ve gone the wrong way for the pub I was heading for, we go to the George and have Sunday roast, then head back via the Charles Dickens, which was the pub I first thought of. I should have turned back and gone straight there, actually – nice and quiet and a row of pumps of beers I’ve never heard of before, including one called Naked Ladies and another (5%) beer called R.I.P. As we arrive people come in from the art gallery over the road and have vegetarian roasts with mineral water.

After that we go home, and I pick up some cheap cake which we have with tea and more Jeeves and Wooster.

Then some dithering.

Late tea / dinner substitute: cheese from Borough Market with home-made apple chutney (which Ben passed to H on Thursday). Delicious.

I spend the evening with Logic, creating some more lugubrious stuff.

a clearer notion of my ambitions

Suitably vague Saturday. Late rise, croissants (from Borough Market – vast and delicious), dithering.

Juan comes round at 12:00 as H is going for a stroll, and we have a long catch-up session. He’s also got MP3s (or an mp3, at least, and a long one too), of my songs.

By the time he leaves, I have acquired from somewhere a clearer notion of my ambitions, at least for the next few months.

More dithering in the afternoon, and instrumentals in Logic.

Also I go for a quick run.

Fish and chips and Jeeves and Wooster and beer in the evening.