He’s rather shocked to see me there.

I wake up at 11:45, assertive knocking on the front door dragging me out of it. It’s a window cleaner, come for his money. He’s rather shocked to see me there.

I have a bath, then toast and tea with Friday’s News Quiz and I feed the cats.

(I’m in Bristol, in Angharad’s house and I got to bed at about 5:30 this morning after a lot of partying.)

Eventually (14:30-ish) I leave the house, put the keys through the letter box and walk to the station. I want to find some lunch, but an hour or so of wandering about Bristol doesn’t present anything particularly. Bristol is extremely easy to get lost in (I found that out last night), and it’s lucky that I have GPS on my phone.

So I go to the station without eating and get a baguette and coffee (astonishingly expensive), and then on to the train.

Comfortable ride, falling asleep occasionally. Someone gets on at Reading and sits next to me, his friend across the aisle. He doesn’t stop talking all the way. Astonishing.

At Paddington I buy some sweets, then take the tube home.

It appears the corner shop no longer sells shoelaces.

At home, greet H, drink tea, eat dinner, then more tea with some of the sweets I bought.

Nothing done in the evening.