as any Find-the-Lady operative will tell you

Slow start…

The first part of the day was getting in to Walker (later than I ought to have done, but as I thought I didn’t really need to be there until 12:00 I didn’t hurry. As it turns out it would probably have helped to be there earlier, but shrug, which might not be the ideal attitude, but it’s an attitude, so that’s OK. I take my guitar with me, and am held up by trying to get the iPhone and laptop to sync with the MobileMe server (and, by extension, the desktop computer). You only need to introduce three variables into a system for it to get very complicated indeed, as any Find-the-Lady operative will tell you.

Anyway, Walker, meeting with the paper engineer who makes the Maisy pop-ups work (I quite like these meetings, as they make me feel like a grown-up), and when that’s done I walk to the radio station in Pimlico, which is tucked away in the back of a church hall. Greeted by Phil, we chat about what we’re going to do, I get some restorative drink and a Mars bar for lunch, and wander in to his studio at 14:20. Around 14:30 someone appears to set me up, which involved a bit of boisterousness.

Anyway, I play some songs, chat a bit and manage to avoid rude words. Less humilating than the last time I appeared on the radio, anyway, though it probably helped that the programme wasn’t in Spanish.

After I’ve played tunes on the guitar, I contribute tracks from my iPod, which is actually quite fun. I’d rather like to do it myself, but then who wouldn’t?

The chap who’s supposed to do the 16:00 doesn’t turn up, so we over-run a bit until Phil decides he’d like to get off.

Afterwards we go and get a coffee from a nearby deli, and chat about radio and stuff and meet with the presenter of the 18:00 show. I buy a delicious-looking loaf of olive bread and catch the 30 home.

At home, I start some stew, then go out for a run, and when I’ve got home and showered the stew is pretty much ready so we have it with the bread I bought.

And after that I’ve some Fairy corrections to do. While I’m doing them I watch part one of Charlie Brooker’s Dead Set, which is really quite remarkable.