When all else fails.

Get up and do stuff as usual. In a generally bad mood all day. Mostly this is something I carry around with me, not something I act out. Interesting to observe the way it works. At the very least there’s breathing going on, so if all else fails I pay attention to that. Also notice the way I’m in contact with the floor, wherever possible. When all else fails.

Into Walker to do Maisying, and such gets done, popping out for a sandwich at lunchtime, followed by a welcome lie-down.

Back at the flat about 19:30 and H has made dinner. After dinner I give in to my more animal self and go out and buy chocolate, which isn’t helping the figure. Then do some Pusskins corrections and various font corrections while watching Shada the lost Dr Who story (nixed by industrial action in 1979-ish). Contains some appalling acting from the supporting cast, and chunks that have to be narrated by a hammy Tom Baker in the now-long-gone Museum of the Moving Image.

Anyway, either the chocolate, the breaking of the work log-jam or the Dr Who (or possibly a combination of all of thesse) cheers me up somewhat.