the pub I first thought of

Another very off day – get up too late for breakfast, and go straight to an early lunch. When I discover from my iphone that I’ve gone the wrong way for the pub I was heading for, we go to the George and have Sunday roast, then head back via the Charles Dickens, which was the pub I first thought of. I should have turned back and gone straight there, actually – nice and quiet and a row of pumps of beers I’ve never heard of before, including one called Naked Ladies and another (5%) beer called R.I.P. As we arrive people come in from the art gallery over the road and have vegetarian roasts with mineral water.

After that we go home, and I pick up some cheap cake which we have with tea and more Jeeves and Wooster.

Then some dithering.

Late tea / dinner substitute: cheese from Borough Market with home-made apple chutney (which Ben passed to H on Thursday). Delicious.

I spend the evening with Logic, creating some more lugubrious stuff.