fascinating cultural unusualnesses

Oversleep slightly, so all the bits of the morning are late and in the wrong order. At least breakfast is at the right time (in fact slightly earlier than usual, in the dark). After H leaves I go for a run, then stretch, then guitar practice.

The run was probably a bad idea, as my knee is slightly buggered. In fact it seems to be trying to bend backwards, flamingo-style. I’m not a flamingo. I checked.

More Pusskins scanning and colouring in, and (after lunch) a trip to the supermarket. The people behind me at the till seem to be engaged in a lot of fascinating cultural unusualnesses, and trying to perpetrate a scam, persisting in a peculiar and complicated patter despite the fact that the cashier doesn’t especially care.

Ho hum.

Home. More colouring. Also phone in to say that I won’t be going to the Movements class tonight on account of my knee trying to bend backwards.

Then more colouring with dinner (delicious donburi by H) in there somewhere.

After I’ve done the colouring-in I allow myself to listen to some stuff I’ve done in Logic.