those zombies again

Still recovering, or at least another interesting iteration in the lurgi thing. I get up with H (as my sinus is hurting and I wouldn’t get back to sleep), and after she leaves I have a good hot shower, though I sleep again after that.

In the afternoon, I set off for last minute Christmas shopping, which is hellish -those zombies again. Still, I think the presents are done, now.

Back at the flat, practising using the radio-mp3-playing software.

In the evening to the MeFi meetup – sparsely populated, true, but I enjoy it.

And more Guh

Guh. Up when I’m up, and text in to Walker to say I’m not coming. A lot of lying down, and prevail on my (also ill) father to give me a lift to drop off presents to Ben at Walker reception and pick up something from the sorting office. It appears that my accountants failed to put a stamp on their Christmas card, so I feel less guilty about the fact that my accounts are late.

And more Guh. Very fine spicy stew by H, though.

Still lurgified.

Still lurgified. Not an assertive start to the day.

I do get out to buy presents, though on watching it in the evening realise that one of these isn’t really appropriate.

Other than that, a lot of lying down.

Which is very sad.

More struggling to get up, then spend a day with the Mouse.

Lunch is a more elaborate affair than usual, as it’s the last day that the lunch team will be on, and now the kitchen will be closed. Which is very sad.

I’m kept at work making PDFs, and then go home, and get pizza. I agree with Toni downstairs that it’s very odd that Christmas seems to have begun already and he tells me a story about my father that I didn’t know. Heh.

Anyway, TV (Have I Got News For You, IT Crowd) and then staying up too late.

disingenuous, at best

Uh, now it’s too late to think, let alone remember what I did today.

Um, up. Pack stuff. To Pimlico. Try and set stuff up – in the main hall. Establish that the Zoom isn’t ideal, and end up miking the piano with two SM58s.

Actually sounds pretty good.

Good lord, I recorded and broadcast a grand piano and violin, and they sounded pretty good. Amazing.

Immediately before we’re about to begin. The caretaker appears and starts banging stepladders around, though he doesn’t really get in the way of the take.

Coffee, then home on the bus.

Mix and master today’s session, then make Waveburner files for each of this season’s sessions. I’ve definitely got better at it.

Writing patches on the VG88 for tonight’s Jeays gig, then (after H has got home) go and do the gig.

Again, sounds good. Lots of fun. Hurrah.

Back on the bus. Home late, eat hot dogs. I buy these in the corner shop. There’s a slightly intimidating teenage girl going round saying “hello” to people and then saying very loudly how strange people are to be intimidated by someone saying hello. Which is disingenuous, at best.

another Wallyist day

Still struggling with getting up and so forth.

Today is, broadly speaking, another Wallyist day, filling in around the edge of the Wally cover (that I removed marker pen from yesterday), with bits from the inside.

After H gets home I walk to the supermarket at the E&C shopping centre, and after I return home from there give up on the idea of cooking and get sausage and chips.

Lots of telly and struggling to get rack units into the carrying bag I bought the other day.


Today I spent a lot of time removing a black marker pen line from some Where’s Wally artwork, and in the evening went to the VAC where I played two songs, though my guitar decided that it was going to be untuneable, which is a shame. It might be the tuners or the strings or the temperature variation. Anyway, it sounded horrible.

Mostly lunch

Mostly lunch today. Very nice – roast lunch in the pub we should have gone to last time, and sampling beers from the range of real ales from all over the country on display (almost completely different since last time we were there!)

Then back at home we chill out, listen to a BBC production of Blithe Spirit (and I realise that when the notes say Coward wrote it on holiday in Wales, it was probably Portmeirion, which is a curious collision of ideas), then have sandwiches and watch some Jeeves and Wooster.