not a couple of stinking SM58s

When I get up today there’s a terrible pain in my right leg, on the achilles tendon, which limits the amount I’m able to do in the morning. In particular it limits the amount of preparation I can do for the Passport session – eventually I pack my mixer, reverb unit and cables (without checking them, which might be a mistake), and blag a lift. This is a shame, because today of all days one of the musicians is very clear about what he wants and it’s not a couple of stinking SM58s. I find that the pain is limiting my psychological flexibility as much as physical, making me more combative. Eventually he settles for the second vocal mic, though I’m not sure how much different from a 58 it is.

Good session though – improvised drum and clarinet, free jazz sort of thing; certainly in the jazz area. Superb playing. My mood is completely lifted.

After the show there’s coffee, then I get a lift home. The first thing I do is transfer and master the session, then I have some lunch, then I crash.

In the evening I find I’m still playing with Logic. I make a very long ambient piece. And good news: the Godin nylon string is repaired, so I can go and collect it soon.