probably going into hibernation or something

I was supposed to be going to do more recordings of Denise, but instead I found myself asleep a lot of the day. A lot more of the day than I’m comfortable with. I check with D about this and although not fine accepts that I’m probably going into hibernation or something.

We reschedule for tomorrow.

So I go to collect the Godin from the repair shop (yay!) and then try and get a hard case for it (failed – actually it’s famous with the Denmark Street shops as a guitar that’s a little too big for all possible cases. I try it in a bass case which dwarfs it, but then it was a very expensive bass case) and do get some strings and a modern grabby guitar stand.

Home. Play with the Godin and the VG88, which makes me happy.

Do some present-wrapping and watch most of the first Bourne movie. Though not the beginning or the end.