disingenuous, at best

Uh, now it’s too late to think, let alone remember what I did today.

Um, up. Pack stuff. To Pimlico. Try and set stuff up – in the main hall. Establish that the Zoom isn’t ideal, and end up miking the piano with two SM58s.

Actually sounds pretty good.

Good lord, I recorded and broadcast a grand piano and violin, and they sounded pretty good. Amazing.

Immediately before we’re about to begin. The caretaker appears and starts banging stepladders around, though he doesn’t really get in the way of the take.

Coffee, then home on the bus.

Mix and master today’s session, then make Waveburner files for each of this season’s sessions. I’ve definitely got better at it.

Writing patches on the VG88 for tonight’s Jeays gig, then (after H has got home) go and do the gig.

Again, sounds good. Lots of fun. Hurrah.

Back on the bus. Home late, eat hot dogs. I buy these in the corner shop. There’s a slightly intimidating teenage girl going round saying “hello” to people and then saying very loudly how strange people are to be intimidated by someone saying hello. Which is disingenuous, at best.