But if it were raining, it wouldn’t be quite so cold.

Oversleep. Darn.

Colouring in – pretty much straight to the colouring in to get it done. And I do, but it fails to upload – or rather the receiving server is unwilling to take anything.

I listen to the rest of United States Parts I-IV and download and listen to Swoon by Prefab Sprout (which is an extraordinary record – I’d forgotten quite how marvellous it is). I also buy something that will hopefully make the Passport Sessions less stressful than yesterday’s.

After H gets home, and before we have dinner, I go for a run. It’s very cold, but the upside is that it’s not raining. But if it were raining, it wouldn’t be quite so cold. What a dilemma.

After dinner I go and do some more work – a minor Wally bit for Ben.

a perennial source of frustration

Up, sit, etc.

Today, etc includes preparing stew to go in the slow cooker.

Actually, not quite the full etc, as I have to go to record another passport session: I get to the bus stop at 8:45, laden with stuff, but the first bus I can get on is after nine, and it picks up passengers from another, similarly numbered bus (how did I miss that – did it actually come past the stop?) at Vauxhall Bus Garage, which is a perennial source of frustration for me.

This session is a lot more frustrating than the last (before Christmas) – microphones refuse to work; the mic stand count is lacking (as are the number of clips for the mic stands). Very tiring, and I’m convinced I got nothing useable out of it – the first time in any of the sessions I’ve done.

Pleasant enough trip to the deli, though. Then bus home.

Recover. Lunch. Research possible alternatives. Then colouring in.

H gets home at 18:00, and we have dinner at 19:30. One problem with slow cooking is that it blasts the flavour out of things. I must remember to add a lot more spice next time.

After dinner, Phil delivers the CDs of today’s show and I mix what I can of this morning’s session: there are four songs, two on piano and two on guitar. The vocal mic failed for the last two songs, so mixing is rather strange. On the other hand I’m gratified by the quality of the sound of the two piano tracks, although the artist was struggling rather.

Agree with Phil that perhaps the best thing would be to offer the artist another “free” session to make up for it. I’m keen to do an evening one, with an audience. Perhaps that would work. We’ll see.

Listening to my recordings. I’ve plugged the speakers back in the wrong way round. I wonder if that makes a difference.

extensive shelving plans

Up, sit, breakfast, see H off, then move a lot of videos (that we never watch) into a cardboard box, so the shelf space they were occupying can be used for DVDs that were otherwise piled up.

I have extensive shelving plans. But not for now.

Play the guitar, then get down to colouring. Not a lot to say about colouring, except I’m amazed it takes so long. In fact it takes me (with a break for lunch) until H gets home (and longer).

Go out for a run around.

After dinner, more colouring in. I discover that Laurie Anderson’s United States Live is downloadable from iTunes at an affordable price, which is nice.

nice but faintly unnatural

Up, sit, breakfast, H goes out, yoga, shower, guitar, the whole shebang.

Colouring in in the morning.

In the afternoon I manage to get a lot of things in the post – tax return (signed), CDs to various people (including Passport session people), and I pay my tax bill. There’s an incredibly long queue, and only three windows open. In case the queue is moving too fast, one of the windows is closed, and there’s only two open. I retain my good humour, which is nice but faintly unnatural.

They have a very informative mural, though, showing the area in the 18th century. I kind of wish I’d found out more about that.

And I almost but not quite get a teapot.

In the evening to the Movements. I seem to be in a bad mood – I’m not aware of being in a bad mood, but irritation is happening somewhere in me, like a spontaneous negativity party. Quite surprising.

Home to sausage stew.

Partly my fault.

I get up at 6:45 and clean the living room a bit. I didn’t plan for it, but it seems like the thing to do.

Supermarket. They only have small bags. The checkout clerk says “We only have small bags. If you want a larger bag…” points to the reusable carrier bags… “you can purchase one.” I don’t know if it’s unspeakably rude or simply canny marketing, so I ignore the comment, and pack my shopping in a lot of small bags, slowly.

Home. Ironing and moving a pile to a shelf and the prior contents of the shelf to a pile, because the latter is smaller than the former and now I have a diminished pile, somewhat different in detail.

Lunch: Ramen. Mmm.

Buy the new-ish Juana Molina album from iTunes, and play it with the visualiser running on the TV. Works rather well, actually.

Out to a meeting, a followup to last night’s performance. It turns out differently from what I (and I think a lot of other people) expected. Partly my fault. Good, though.


I go out for a run in the rain. Well, I go out for a run, the rain happens anyway. That wasn’t my plan either.

Back, shower, dinner.

Watch the first episode of the series of Being Human on the television. Nice to see they haven’t spoiled it.

which is very informative

Um, up. Croissants.

I dedicate most of the day to noodling, and very enjoyable it is, too.

In the evening to a concert of Gurdjieff / de Hartmann music at Steiner House, including some non-Gurdjieff de Hartmann music, which is very informative.

Sausage and chips for dinner, which is also quite non-Gurdjieff in its way.

Good night out, though.

Up. Kind of. Dither.

In the afternoon – much later than I thought I would be – I go to Hachette to do more scanning, and in the evening to the Cavendish Arms to see Wayter, and other bands. The second band are pretty good. The last band less so. I miss the third band. Good night out, though.

Home. Food. Watch Sin City, because it is, inexplicably, there.

assuming that crapness doesn’t eat my head

Even less today. Oh, everything’s falling to pieces again.

I’m supposed to go in to Hachette to scan, but as the artwork won’t be there I don’t bother.

Actually, I manage to get emails off to people who haven’t paid me yet, which is good. And another invoice. And my tax return is emailed to me, so I can sign it and pay before the 31st, assuming that crapness doesn’t eat my head.

And I cook dinner, which makes me feel almost as virtuous as I’d feel if dinner had actually been nice.

And watch programmes about clothes on the TV, which isn’t like me at all.

Well, something has to.

Up too late.

Colouring in. I thought it would take the morning, but it stretched.

Eat rolls for lunch that perhaps I shouldn’t have, but they were very nice.

Evening also dedicated to colouring, so now it’s done until I go and get some more tomorrow.

Also, finding out about the Baschet Cristal, which is quite a thing.

In fact all that finding out keeps me up very late. Well, something has to.

I really need to consider why this is.

Up late again, not being able to get out of bed. I really need to consider why this is.

More colouring in today, altough I do get distracted by listening to and tweaking various things I’ve recorded.

Haru gets home. Bad news in the post.

I make dinner. Beeferee. Quite nice.

More colouring in.

Do you notice that it’s not a day of great variety and excitement? Good.