a perennial source of frustration

Up, sit, etc.

Today, etc includes preparing stew to go in the slow cooker.

Actually, not quite the full etc, as I have to go to record another passport session: I get to the bus stop at 8:45, laden with stuff, but the first bus I can get on is after nine, and it picks up passengers from another, similarly numbered bus (how did I miss that – did it actually come past the stop?) at Vauxhall Bus Garage, which is a perennial source of frustration for me.

This session is a lot more frustrating than the last (before Christmas) – microphones refuse to work; the mic stand count is lacking (as are the number of clips for the mic stands). Very tiring, and I’m convinced I got nothing useable out of it – the first time in any of the sessions I’ve done.

Pleasant enough trip to the deli, though. Then bus home.

Recover. Lunch. Research possible alternatives. Then colouring in.

H gets home at 18:00, and we have dinner at 19:30. One problem with slow cooking is that it blasts the flavour out of things. I must remember to add a lot more spice next time.

After dinner, Phil delivers the CDs of today’s show and I mix what I can of this morning’s session: there are four songs, two on piano and two on guitar. The vocal mic failed for the last two songs, so mixing is rather strange. On the other hand I’m gratified by the quality of the sound of the two piano tracks, although the artist was struggling rather.

Agree with Phil that perhaps the best thing would be to offer the artist another “free” session to make up for it. I’m keen to do an evening one, with an audience. Perhaps that would work. We’ll see.

Listening to my recordings. I’ve plugged the speakers back in the wrong way round. I wonder if that makes a difference.